From the H2O You Drink to the O2 You Breathe.

Roscoe Brown is committed to ensuring your environment is safe for you and your family, including your pet family. We spend an estimated 95% of our lives indoors. Quality indoor air and clean water are basic health needs. Between the gases emitted from paint and carpeting in new home construction to the flushed prescriptions contaminating our water supply, there’s a definite need for protection. Roscoe Brown is your healthy living home environment advocate.

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Breathe Deep. Exhale. Repeat.

Does someone in your home have frequent respiratory illnesses or allergies? If you have even one smoker in the family, it’s affecting everyone’s lungs, right down to the family pets. Then there’s dander from pets, and the formaldehyde, pesticides, and heavy metal vapors found in common household products. There are the particulates in the air from scented candles. There are also gases emanating from new carpeting, new paint, and even new memory foam mattresses. All of these add up to indoor air pollution.

But you have a choice. The indoor air experts at Roscoe Brown will perform an indoor air quality test on your home, identifying where improvements can be made. Your solution could be as simple and inexpensive as changing out a dirty air filter, or you made need a more advanced solution like air scrubbing.

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Squeaky Clean Indoor Air. 

While you’re more likely to hear about air scrubbing in commercial buildings, it’s becoming more requested by our homeowner customers because of all of the new causes of indoor air pollution.

Some of the health issues caused by indoor air pollution include allergic reactions, sick building syndrome, irritated eyes, fatigue, and even personality changes.

Roscoe Brown offers a state-of-the-art air scrubbing system that ensures any airborne contaminants and particles in your household are contained and removed from the air you breathe.

For many of us, the term “air scrubbing” is foreign, but for you, it can be an exciting new way to go beyond the temporary Febreze fix for smells in your home. UV Light Air Scrubbing solutions offer a permanent deodorizing and sanitizing solution to pervasive home odors. Even better, UV Lights are a dust killer, which is great for asthmatics and allergy sufferers and filtration systems armed with UV-C light waves reduce dust, pet dander, odors, and germs.
How Does It Work?
Since the mid 20th century, short-wavelength Ultraviolet (UV-C) light has been used as a proven sanitizer, sterilizing work facilities, drinking water, wastewater, and medical environments.  In fact, Niels Finsen won his 1903 Nobel Prize in Medicine for successfully treating tuberculosis with UV-C light, which penetrates the cell and disrupts the DNA, thereby killing the pathogen. UV-C light does not heat up, so it does no damage to the items you are trying to sanitize, while effectively killing the germs.
Roscoe Brown offers a state-of-the-art UV Light air scrubbing system that ensures any airborne contaminants and particles in your household are contained and removed from the air you breathe.

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A water softener is the obvious solution.

Drinking water straight from the garden hose or the tap seems so wholesome, but it can cause so much unseen damage. If you’re living with hard water, it deposits scales inside of your plumbing pipes, and your physical pipes—your arteries. It is hard on your skin, hair, and laundry. A water softener is the obvious solution.

People with water softeners realize a 75% reduction in the usage of their soaps and shampoos.

Glassware and silverware are cleaner and shinier. Even better, the greenhouse gases reduction of softened water equates to removing one SUV from the road for an entire year.

There are salt-free and salt water softeners, and there are pros and cons to both. Roscoe Brown will help you identify which system is best for your unique household situation.

As for water filtration, there is simply no downside to purifying your water with a comprehensive water filtration system. From the heavy metals to the pesticides seeping into the water table from golf courses and farms, to the prescription drugs flushed into the municipal water system, we are exposed to so many chemicals today in our water that affect our health.

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