New Construction and Installation

HVAC units are an integral part of new construction projects

Whether you’re a new home builder or are overseeing the construction of a home of your own, it’s important that every aspect of the home’s design and construction involves appropriate professionals who understand their fields. That’s why some of the finest home builders in Middle Tennessee turn to Roscoe Brown for new-construction HVAC work.


There are no one-size-fits-all home heating and air conditioning systems, so we work with the homeowner as well as the home builders during the design, building and finishing phases of new home construction to make sure that each home gets the best possible HVAC system.


We perform heat load and energy calculations to make sure every system decision is based on sound science as well as our 80 years of experience. We also work to make sure every part of the HVAC system fits unobtrusively into the home’s design.


There are a great number of choices to be made when first designing a system, each one bringing features, benefits and varying costs. As you plan for your new home Roscoe Brown can help you to understand the many options such as multiple zone temperature control, winter humidification, indoor air quality, fresh air ventilation, intelligent thermostats, high-efficiency multi-stage equipment, custom floor diffusers, geothermal, multi-speed air conditioners and many other options.













When you need an HVAC contractor that can handle your HVAC installation from the ground up, call the experts. Not only do our installers have extensive experience, but our commercial project managers are highly competent in designing the most efficient and cost-effective system for your commercial environment. They’ll make sure your system is in good working order and is perfectly maintained.


Our design planning and load calculations are based on industry standards, ensuring the system we install will more than meet your requirements.


Also, we produce your ductwork in our own sheet-metal fabrication facility, so you’ll get the perfect fit to go along with the cost savings. We also offer installation and services for your replacement HVAC system.