From our family to yours.

We just want you to be comfortable. Which is why we’ve created “An air of comfortability” by offering an experts-based business that has family values. Just like you.

In 1940, with a seventh grade education and $100, Roscoe Brown started the business that was about to begin offering expertise in the growing field of heating and air conditioning. Helping to bring these “luxuries” to middle America was one of Roscoe’s greatest joys, as well as keeping them running correctly. Yes, even back then Roscoe Brown just wanted you to be comfortable.

In 1955, Roscoe’s son, Gary, then 13, started working with his Dad part-time. Gary, like many sons of the fifties, learned family values from the role model, hard-working father.

The values of dedication instilled in Gary made him realize that the people of Middle Tennessee needed their systems serviced full-time, even including weekend emergencies. Gary’s vision led the company into commercial construction, and with the purchase of a device called the plasma cutter, the company was able to revolutionize the business.

The Father-Son company became multi-generational when Gary’s son, Norman, started working in the family business during his summers and school breaks at 16. Every summer, Norman learned a new area of the business. His first summer focused on duct work, his second summer focused on electrical work and his third summer was spent working in service and installation.

Like his father and his father’s father, Norman realizes that a great company is based not only on expertise, but also integrity. Not to mention the personal touch. Which is why Norman continues to be accessible to his customers.

This is one reason Roscoe Brown has grown to serve all of Middle Tennessee, bringing big town technology and small town values to every community.

Yes, the Roscoe Brown family is here for you 24/7. Always embracing our customers and treating them like what they are. Our extended family.