Indoor Air Quality

Explore indoor air quality solutions

Does someone in your home have frequent respiratory illnesses or allergies? If you have even one smoker in the family, it’s affecting everyone’s lungs, right down to the family pets.


Then there’s dander from pets, and the formaldehyde, pesticides, and heavy metal vapors found in common household products. There are the particulates in the air from scented candles. There are also gases emanating from new carpeting, new paint, and even new memory foam mattresses. All of these add up to indoor air pollution.


But you have a choice. The indoor air experts at Roscoe Brown will perform an indoor air quality test on your home, identifying where improvements can be made. Your solution could be as simple and inexpensive as changing out a dirty air filter, or you made need a more advanced solution like air scrubbing.

Air Scrubbing

While you’re more likely to hear about air scrubbing in commercial buildings, it’s becoming more requested by our homeowner customers because of all of the new causes of indoor air pollution.


Some of the health issues caused by indoor air pollution include allergic reactions, sick building syndrome, irritated eyes, fatigue, and even personality changes.


Roscoe Brown offers a state-of-the-art air-scrubbing system that ensures any airborne contaminants and particles in your household are contained and removed from the air you breathe.


Have our indoor air experts test your indoor air and provide you with options for improving your indoor air quality.