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How To Keep Your HVAC Unit In Good Shape During Winter

Winter can be hard on HVAC systems, especially in areas that experience particularly harsh cold seasons.

To protect your HVAC during a hard winter, assess the way your unit functions. Is it keeping your home adequately warm during the fall? Has it kept the house cool during summer? If so, it’s a good sign that your unit is working properly and just needs routine maintenance to keep it in great condition.

If you want to keep your HVAC unit in good shape between fall and spring, follow these HVAC maintenance tips.

Examine Your HVAC

Before performing any sort of HVAC maintenance on your own, examine your unit’s current condition. Turn on your HVAC and listen for any unusual sounds coming from the unit itself or the vents.

It’s also a good idea to visually inspect the unit and look for anything out of the ordinary, such as moisture, debris, or damage. Clear away dirt, leaves, or anything else blocking the outside of the unit.

Clean Your Vents

It’s a good idea to clean your vents on occasion, especially when the season changes. The end of summer and the end of winter are both opportune times to vacuum your vents so that dust and any other clogs don’t have time to sit in your ductwork.

Cover The Unit

If you won’t be using your air conditioning unit during the winter months, it’s a good idea to protect it during its downtime. As mentioned in an earlier section, you should take time to clear away any debris that has accumulated around the outside of the unit.

After the outside of the unit is clean, you have the option to cover your AC unit. This is most appropriate in areas that experience a great deal of wind but not a lot of moisture. In certain climates, covering your AC unit might expose it to more moisture than necessary, so if you’re covering your unit, make sure you’re using material that’s designed for HVAC covering.


This step isn’t technically an HVAC maintenance procedure, but it can help take some of the strain off of your unit during the winter months.

Examine the doors and windows in your home to ensure that the seals are well insulated. If you feel cold air coming in, you might need to reseal your windows or add insulation strips to the space between your exterior doors and the door jambs or thresholds.

Check Filters

Finally, check your air filters to make sure they haven’t collected a thick layer of dust. In general, air filters should be changed roughly every 90 days, so you’ll probably want to perform this step once before winter comes and again at the end of the season.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, or your HVAC unit isn’t keeping up with the setting on your thermostat, you might want to get your HVAC serviced before harsh weather rolls in.

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