When it comes to qualifications,
we have NATE on our side.

With Roscoe Brown, Inc. you can rest assured that you get the knowledge, expertise and experience of a 70-year-old family-owned company with an ongoing tradition of quality and customer service in Middle Tennessee.

BPI_logoAll of our technicians are well trained and licensed. Because our criteria and expectations are so rigorous, we do one of two things: we hire people with experience and thoroughly check them for proficiency or we send a person through an exhaustive certification program.
North American Technician Excellence, Inc. (NATE) is the leading certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry and is the test supported by the entire industry. RBI supports NATE technician certification.

Building Performance Institute qualifications:

  • BPI-Building Analyst Certification, Building Analyst – go beyond a traditional energy audit to perform comprehensive, whole-home assessments, identify problems at the root cause and prescribe and prioritize solutions based on building science.
  • BPI-Envelope Certification, Envelope – quantify performance and prescribe improvements to help tighten the building envelope (shell), stop uncontrolled air leakage and optimize comfort, durability and HV/AC performance.