You know Roscoe Brown always offers the most bang for your buck, but did you know there’s more bang now through November 15th, 2018? We’re celebrating the warmer weather with Cool Cash Rebates and over 20 products are eligible. But act fast, because these deals will be gone before long!

Products purchased between August 27th, 2018 and November 15th, 2018 are eligible for rebates. Installations made between August 27th, 2018 and December 1st, 2018 are also eligible. All claims must be submitted by December 14th, 2018 by 6pm CST. Please contact your Roscoe Brown representative for questions about rebate eligibility.


Rebates are available on the following products:


AC or HP + Furnace or Fan Coil – Add rebate $ amount below for each unit sold in the system (outdoor + indoor) to get system rebate $. Systems can include outdoor & indoor Infinity® & PerformanceTM series units. 

Carrier branded thermostat, control, or air purifier required. Note: additional rebates for Infinity®

TouchTM Wi-Fi control may be applicable in addition to the system rebate in the examples.

Example: Any Carrier branded thermostat or control or air purifier + 59MN ($300) + 24ANB1 ($300) = $600 System rebate 

Infinity® Series $300

PerformanceTM Series $100


For system sales where named unit is paired with any Infinity® furnace or fan coil.

ADD amount below to your total split system rebate. Not eligible on unit-only sales. Carrier Infinity control required. 

Note: additional rebates for Infinity® TouchTM Wi-Fi control may be applicable in addition to the system rebate in the examples.

Infinity® Greenspeed® Heat Pump $600

Example: Carrier Infinity® Control + 59MN ($300) + 25VNA0 ($300) + Infinity® Greenspeed® Bonus ($600) = $1200 System rebate

Infinity® 18VS Heat Pump or 19VS Air Conditioner $500 

Example: Carrier Infinity® Control + 59TN ($300) + 24VNA9 ($300) + Infinity VS Bonus ($500) = $1100 System rebate

COR Thermostat System $150

Example: Carrier CÔR Thermostat + 59TP ($100) + 24ACC6 ($100) + CÔR Thermostat System Bonus ($150) = $350 System rebate

Indoor and outdoor unit must be PerformanceTM Series

Important Cool Cash promo dates to remember are:

Start of promotion: August 27th, 2018

Sales Period: August 27th – November 15th, 2018

Installations: August 27th – December 1st, 2018

Claiming Deadline: December 15th, 2018 by 6pm CST


AC or HP or Furnace or Fan Coil
Carrier branded thermostat, control, or air purifier required.

Infinity® Series $175

PerformanceTM Series $75



Infinity® TouchTM Wi-Fi® Controls
Purchase of a system or unit is not required.

Infinity® TouchTM Wi-Fi Bundle $150


Infinity® TouchTM Wi-Fi Control  $150


Small Packaged Products

Carrier branded thermostat or Carrier air purifier required.

PerformanceTM  Series System: 48VG, 50VG, 48VR, 50VR $600

Ductless Systems

Must be sold as a Ductless System

Toshiba & Infinity® Series: RAS, RAV, GR, GJ $300

PerformanceTM  Series: MB*D, MB*C, MB*F, MG, MA, GV, QA, QN $200

Geothermal Products

Carrier branded control required.

Infinity® Series System: GC, GZ $1500

PerformanceTM  Series System: GP, GW, GT, GS $1000

Infinity® Series Unit Only: GZ (when not sold with a furnace or fan coil) $600

PerformanceTM  Series Unit Only: GS (when not sold with a furnace or fan coil) $400


IAQ Products

Infinity® Air Purifier GAPAA, GAPAB $150

PerformanceTM  Air Purifier PGAP $100

Ventilator ERV, HRV, Dehumidifier DEH, Humidifier STM $65

Humidifier LFP, LBP, SBP, WBP, UV Light UVL $25

Carbon Monoxide Detector COALM $10

All rebates and financing sales should be claimed through to be eligible for product rebates. Only products listed on this document are eligible for rebates. All product rebates, excluding ductless systems and IAQ, must include the sale of a Carrier branded thermostat, Carrier control, or Carrier air purifier. Qualifying thermostats or controls include Infinity® Series (SYSTXCC), PerformanceTM Series (TP-XX or ZONECC) or ComfortTM Series (TC-XXX or ZONECC). Promotion terms: subject to A) product availability & B) to change or cancellation without prior notice.

Please direct questions about claims or the online claiming process to the Rebate Headquarters:  1-800-236-4603


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