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What Your Plumber May Not Tell You

Do you have a plumber in the family or within your circle of friends? If so, pay close attention. You may overhear him or her mention things that plumbers assume are common knowledge, but for the non-plumbers among us, this information is new news. Here are just a few:   Plumbers rarely install garbage disposals […]

Middle TN Instagram Accounts to Follow

When you’re waiting at the barbershop or parked in the school pick-up line surfing your smart phone for something beyond old Facebook posts, here are some greater Murfreesboro Instagram accounts you may want to follow, ranging from humor to photography to cuisine. May these accounts educate, inspire and entertain.   @Darling.Jess – This Christian woman […]

The Secret Life of Coconut Oil: 10 Ways to Use it Every Day

For most people, coconut oil is this buzzword magical cure all product you MUST have in your pantry. Typical, these fads are just that, fads with no substance. But there’s more to this sweet smelling product than meets the eye. We’ve collected some of our favorite uses for this summer time smelling oil that you […]

Part 2 In Our De-Clutter Series: The Play Room

A stuffed animals mountain, books strewn everywhere, puzzles with missing pieces, child art adorning the walls, half-assembled Lego Star Wars kits and stacks of board games…no, not a scene from Toy Story. This is a scene from the typical playroom if you are the norm. Whether our HVAC tech is doing an air quality test, […]

United Way’s Stuff the Bus Collection Event

It’s Stuff the Bus time and Roscoe Brown has volunteered to be a public drop-off site for United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties’ event this year! The public can come on down to Roscoe Brown and drop off any donations between now and July 24th. The goal for the community is to provide 5,000 […]

Who is NATE and Why is He Important?

You don’t know NATE? Well, let us tell you a little bit about him. NATE, also known as the North American Technician Excellence, Inc., is the leading certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry. This program was founded in 1997 and continues to be the nation’s largest non-profit certification […]

The Secret Life of Apple Cider Vinegar

While many people tout Apple Cider Vinegar’s weight loss properties, even buying it up in pill form, Apple Cider Vinegar (a.k.a. ACV) has many other uses that might surprise you. Here are some of the more obscure uses for ACV that will enhance many areas of your life. The Garden-ator: For an organic weed killer, […]

Spring Cleaning: Playing Whack-A-Mold

According to Harvard, mold toxins at indoor environmental levels have never been shown scientifically to cause any illness, and physicians generally do not accept any causal connection between them. As evidence, people living in the South prior to the proliferation of air conditioning showed no evidence of having more chronic, non-specific diseases. (Source: That […]

It’s Spring! Middle Tennessee Gardening Tips You Can Use Now

For many of us, the hint of spring is downright invigorating. Perhaps you’ve just attended the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show this past weekend for some inspiration. After all, it’s this time of year we start envisioning our landscape designs in Technicolor. We can imagine the vegetable gardens, the flower gardens, and the bountiful fresh […]

The Downside to Humidity at Work and Home

Humidity has its pros and cons. The air needs enough humidity to prevent dry hair, skin, and adverse respiratory conditions. However, there are health hazards from living with too much humidity, so the HVAC industry provides recommendations for mitigating relative humidity (also known as rH) levels in the home or work space. Dehumidifying a home […]