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That Little Switch on the Side of Your Ceiling Fan $aves You Money

It’s a tiny, black switch no bigger than a pill, but it’s the chill pill wielding the power to save you money – the switch worthy of your attention. And it only requires your attention for about 10 seconds, twice a year. In fact, you’ll spend more time retrieving and putting away the ladder than […]

When to Plan a Funeral for Your HVAC: The 6 Deadly Signs

Uh oh. The house isn’t cooling. You’ve got the air conditioner boosted to 60 and it still feels like 80 degrees in the house. You check the thermostat. Yep. It is 80 degrees in the house. And with the humidity outside, it feels like, maybe, 95. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Maybe I just […]

The New Wave in Air Purification

Spring is in the air, which those of us unfortunate enough to have allergies know all too well. It goes like this: “Cough, cough, drip, drip, sneeze, sneeze.” And that doesn’t even account for the debilitating headaches. It can be tough to get much done, much less enjoy yourself.   When the Claritin and Allegra […]

New HVAC? There’s a Business Tax Break For That

  Roscoe Brown has great news for businesses who want to stay comfortable! Yes, sure, comfortable with all the amazing benefits of a finely-tuned HVAC system. But also comfortable with their HVAC tax situation. There’s been an important and valuable change to the Federal tax code that will be a breath of fresh air for […]

Do You Know MERV? Meet Your HVAC Air Filter

You know how our smoke alarms have that annoying chirp when it’s time to change the battery? It sure would be nice if our HVAC filters had the same reminder.  After all, experts estimate we can save five to 15 percent on our heating and cooling bills with fresh filters, which extend the life span […]

A Random Act of Kindness: 19 Years Later

Tennesseans are known for lending a helping hand. They don’t call us the volunteer state for nothing. The same goes for Murfreesboro resident Angy Thomason. In 1999, Angy got involved with volunteering for the elderly community through her work with Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors ™. One crisp, October, Saturday that year Angy’s team was […]

A Tribute to Bobby Johnson

Bobby Johnson was a friend, co-worker, and kind spirit in this world. Bobby began working for Roscoe Brown in 2000 and we enjoyed many wonderful years with him on our team. Late last month he went home to the Lord. Anyone who ever had the opportunity to know Bobby knew how great of a man […]

Is 68 Degrees The Ideal Winter Thermostat Temperature?

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…today’s blog may be settling a bet for some of you out there who regularly debate your spouses or housemates about the “right” temperature for your thermostat during these bone-chilling winter months. There are two things to consider before you program your thermostat – […]

What Does the “Auto” Setting Mean On My Thermostat, Anyhow?

Pay close attention. The answer to this headline could save you hundreds of dollars every year. As you may have assumed, your air conditioning system has a fan inside of it that blows the hot or cold air out of the vents, distributing that temperate air throughout your home, keeping you and your family comfortable. […]

The Secret Life of Peppermint Oil: 8 Uses You Didn’t Know About

Most of us think of peppermint oil as the stuff used to make our favorite winter candy, but there’s more to this substance than meets the eye. In fact, if you thought the only thing it was good for was adding flavor to candy canes then you’re in for a real treat. Check out these […]