Save Significant Money and Energy with a Home Energy Audit

If you think your furnace or air conditioner are not operating as efficiently as possible, a home and energy review can help you identify areas of improvement. This will help you improve your over-all comfort level and save money on your utility and energy bills every month.

When one of our certified technicians comes to your home for a checkup, the first thing you’ll be asked is if you have areas in your home that tend to be drafty, too hot or too cold. If the answer is yes, we will investigate your current heating unit or air conditioner along with the insulating material in your attic. This will give us hints as to why you are experiencing such different temperature shifts inside your home.

Another indication that you may have challenges with your home heating system or air conditioner is if one or more people in your home suffer from asthma or allergies. Indoor air that is too dry in the winter or too humid in the summer is yet another possible effect of heaters and air conditioners that run inefficiently. Some of the symptoms and signs that this may be case in the winter include static electricity, bloody noses and dry, itchy skin. In the summertime, air that is too damp can lead to a musty odor, plus mildew and mold developing and causing damage to your house.

In addition to you and your family members being uncomfortable, your inefficient heater or air conditioner may be causing your regular monthly utility bill to be up to 40 percent higher than it needs to be. Our technician will also take care to look for air leaks in all areas of your home and if found, provide you with suggestions on how to fix them.