Carrier® Hybrid Heat: Saving You Money On Your Utility Bill

Since so much uncertainty surrounds utility costs today, home owners throughout the United States are becoming increasingly interested in finding significant utility savings for their heating and cooling system. Put another way, they are looking for an efficient heating system.

Carrier’s® specialty is creating home comfort systems tailored to the consumer’s needs with a variety of heating and cooling products for the home. With the help of your carrier dealer, you can select the system that is right for you—a HYBRID HEAT dual-fuel system that will provide maximum comfort and lead to real utility savings as well.

In moderate heating conditions, this efficient heating system provides comfort that also conserves energy. When the temperature outside drops, the system switches automatically to a second source of heat to provide noticeable utility savings and still do the job.

A Carrier® HYBRID HEAT dual-fuel system comes with an Infinity® 96 gas furnace and an Infinity® 19 heat pump to ensure that the system will operate effectively and efficiently when either one is functioning. With this unique combination, the air temperatures are superior to those of most traditional pumps, and as a result, the air from the vents feels warmer.

Since the HYBRID HEAT dual-fuel system also provides ideal indoor comfort when the weather is hot, it can become your ultimate solution for year-round comfort. In addition, with the recent increase of the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of heat pumps and air conditioners, you could also save money during the summer months.

Finally, note that with this system, your HVAC contractor can select a “balance point” indicating when to choose electric heat and when to use furnace operation, and this can be adjusted easily whenever utility rates change in your area.   If you have any questions on Hybrid Heat and how it can help to cut down on your utility bills, our trained staff at Roscoe Brown Heating & Cooling, serving the Nashville, TN metro area, is more than happy to answer them for you.

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