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Protecting Your Sprinkler System and Backflow Preventer

Goodbye warm weather, hello freezing temperatures…winter has begun in Middle Tennessee! We can’t stress enough the importance of winterizing your home to safeguard it against the freezing temperatures. It could extend the life of your home’s equipment, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in electric bills and costly repairs.   Roscoe Brown is here to […]

Winterize Your Home To Prevent Unnecessary Repairs

    It’s the time of year when the cold weather creeps in and all we want to do is curl up next to the fireplace. Before you grab that book or binge-watch Netflix, it’s important to get your house in order for the winter months. Freezing rain, snow and sleet can wreak havoc on […]

This Season’s Ripe for Frozen Pipes: 7 Tips to Save the Day

If the drama of frozen pipes immediately conjures up an image of someone with a welder’s mask and a dirt-smudged face firing up a blow torch, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are less dramatic ways to resolve frozen pipes. And remember, frozen pipes don’t always burst, so there’s […]

Is My Furnace Sick? We’ve Got Symptoms & Cures

Some of us do our taxes on time, and some of us file extensions. Some of us change out our smoke alarm batteries every October during fire prevention month, and some of us wait until the time we are awakened to the incessant chirping of a dead battery at 3 a.m. And then there are […]

Spoooooky Kooky Halloween Mocktails of every Palette for Every Palate

Back in college, the Halloween cocktail of choice was the “Bloody Brain,” a horrible elixir of vodka, red Kool-Aid® and Bailey’s Irish Crème mixed in a tall glass. Together, you would watch these ingredients go to work, coagulating the Irish crème into a brain-like shape, floating in the red liquid, right in the middle of […]

Home Energy Savings: Chalk It Up to Caulk

To everything there is a season, and today we are well into caulking season, so start laying down those caulk beads if you want to save costly energy bills in the unfortunately forthcoming cold months. When you leave gaps in your home’s building materials, well, let’s just say there are much more exciting ways you […]

Is Your Home Leaking Air…and Dollars?

  It may feel like your electric bill is eroding your piggy bank, month-by-month. If your home has air leaks, the EPA estimates you could be saving up to 35% on your energy bill if you repaired them and created an airtight home. The good news is, there are simple D-I-Y steps you can take […]

On Johnny Appleseed Day, We Have the Recipes to Help You Celebrate

The American Legend John Chapman, or as his legend would have us call him, Johnny Appleseed, was born on September 26, 1774, which is why we are celebrating him today. While the lore has us believing he went all over the place planting apple trees out of his love for apples and nature – and […]

Rogue One: When Plumbing Goes Awry

What do you do when your plumbing pipes go rogue? The simple answer to this topic is, have Roscoe Brown on speed dial! However, here are some practical tips to mitigate the damage until the Roscoe Brown first responders arrive.   Clogged Sink: A New Hope. Stop staring into the two suns and set down your […]

Geothermal: What Does It Mean for Your Home?

While you may be recently acquainted with the term “geothermal,” this form of heating and cooling has been in play for the last 60 years in the U.S. In Iceland, 25% of their country’s energy is derived from geothermal sources.   What Can Roscoe Offer? As Middle Tennessee’s leader in geothermal consulting and installations, Roscoe […]