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On Johnny Appleseed Day, We Have the Recipes to Help You Celebrate

The American Legend

John Chapman, or as his legend would have us call him, Johnny Appleseed, was born on September 26, 1774, which is why we are celebrating him today. While the lore has us believing he went all over the place planting apple trees out of his love for apples and nature – and he did travel 100,000 miles over his lifetime throughout the Midwest and frontier lands –  the truth is actually more interesting.

In Chapman’s day, frontier law dictated that you had to claim ownership of your land by merely “developing a permanent homestead.” John Chapman wisely identified the legal loophole. He could claim ownership for any piece of land by simply planting 50 apple trees, which he did throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois. (To this day, you can still see one of the original trees he planted in Nova, Ohio.)

The apples Chapman planted were called “splitters,” which were not designed for eating, as they were too tart. However, they were ideal for making cider, which was valued and safer to drink than water in his day. Water typically contained unsafe bacteria.

By the time he died in 1844 at age 70, Chapman owned 1,200 acres of land. Unfortunately, he had no descendants to inherit the land – a deeply religious vegetarian, he remained chaste his entire life. (Being that the average life span for his day was 35 years old, he must have done something right!)

How You can Celebrate the Legend

To celebrate Johnny Appleseed, apple-centric dishes are a must. As you spread apple butter on your English muffin, basking in the cinnamon aroma of the apple pie baking in your oven, we invite you to peruse the listicle we’ve curated of the best websites for apple recipes. Some are sweet, some are savory, and some are even suited to those of us following a strict diet. Without further adieu, your apple recipes await.

Top 10 List of Apple Recipes:


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