High Angle View Of Male Plumber Using Plunger In Bathroom Sink

Rogue One: When Plumbing Goes Awry

What do you do when your plumbing pipes go rogue? The simple answer to this topic is, have Roscoe Brown on speed dial! However, here are some practical tips to mitigate the damage until the Roscoe Brown first responders arrive.


Clogged Sink: A New Hope. Stop staring into the two suns and set down your blue milk for a moment. Your mission is currently to remove the standing water in the sink. Next, you need to boil a large quantity of hot water. For faster boiling water, just fill your Mr. Coffee with water and run it through with no coffee or tea in the filter. You should have a full coffee pot of hot water in about two minutes. Pour that entire coffee pot of hot water down your drain and wait to see if the clog moves. If not, you may have to do a rinse and repeat maneuver, many times.


Clogged Sink: The Sodium Strikes Back. Okay, five rinse and repeats later, you’re still in the same predicament. Now it’s time to amp up your efforts. Dump one-half cup of table salt down the drain before adding another pot of hot, boiling water. Let this sit for five minutes, then add more hot, boiling water.


Any luck? If no, the next tip you will try. Actually, do or do not. There is no try.


Clogged Sink: Return of the Stink Eye. Well, that last attempt clearly didn’t work. As you grimace, giving that drain the death stare and hoping some tentacled, lamprey-like creature doesn’t pull you under, it’s time to attempt the next level of resistance. Remember that volcano you made in the sixth grade science fair? Little did you know that talent stack would come in handy, much later in life. Measure out a cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain. Next, add a cup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Now slam the stopper into the drain hole, sealing it off. Let the combustible chemical reaction do its thing.


After all of this, if the clog is still menacing, it’s time to hop on the comlinks and call Roscoe Brown for an assist at 1-888-MY-ROSCOE.


Not sure when to call? Follow these steps and if all else fails we’ll be sure to use the Force (of Roscoe Brown plumbing).