High pressure hoses next to a manometer reading geothermal energy.

Geothermal: What Does It Mean for Your Home?

While you may be recently acquainted with the term “geothermal,” this form of heating and cooling has been in play for the last 60 years in the U.S. In Iceland, 25% of their country’s energy is derived from geothermal sources.


What Can Roscoe Offer?

As Middle Tennessee’s leader in geothermal consulting and installations, Roscoe Brown has extensive experience in helping you identify whether geothermal makes economic sense for your specific home construction.


In truth, anyone is a candidate for installing this energy, whether you’re doing it during your initial home construction, or retrofitting it later on. Roscoe Brown simply installs the pipe network containing the refrigerant, or ground loop, 6 feet below the ground, which is below the frost line where temperatures remain consistent. At this depth, the ground sustains temperatures between 45 and 75 degrees.


While these systems are costly initially, the savings in monthly energy bills are worth considering – from 30% to 70% annually. They are low on maintenance and repair costs, as well. Once your new system is installed, you are paying solely for the electricity to power the heat pump and move the energy around.


Additionally, you can take advantage of the 30% tax credit for costs associated with ENERGY STAR-qualified geothermal heat pumps, per section 25D of the IRS code. This 30% credit applies to geothermal equipment installed through 2019.


What Can You Expect?

Homeowners experience no more ambient sound from a geothermal unit than they would from a standard refrigerator. Another benefit to going geo lies in its safety. There’s no open flame, and they don’t create exhaust fumes, such as carbon monoxide. This makes them less hazardous to homeowners and to the environment.


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