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Back to School Means Back to BUSY: Relax with These 5 Stress Reducing Tips

If you got the panicked phone call the first week of school when you forgot to pick your child up from soccer practice, you’re not alone. The chaos of back-to-school schedules after 90 relaxed days of play dates and Fortnite battles is… shall we say, an adjustment. Now you’re all back on the clock, running schedules and calendars with military precision. When it comes to stress, cortisol is the enemy. Cortisol raises blood pressure and blood sugar, increases belly fat, and lowers our immune system. If you’re looking for some ways to combat your stress, we’ve found some mighty fine ways that will do just the trick.

5 Stress Reducing Tips

  1. Calm your cortisol with some dark chocolate. Remember, dark chocolate is legitimately medicinal. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonols, which studies have shown regulate your stress hormone – cortisol — and your body’s other stress response chemicals.
  2. Add some gum to your gums. Before she turned into that giant blueberry, obnoxious Violet Beauregarde, the gum-smacking, Willy Wonka golden ticket holder, had the right idea. It turns out that chewing gum is great for reducing anxiety and cortisol. (Violet could have powered Wonka’s factory, had they channeled her energetic chews.)
  3. Tap out of it! EFT, or Emotional Freedom Tapping, is a self-soothing tool that is growing in popularity for managing stress, fear and anxiety. By tapping certain “meridian points,” on the body while repeating a phrase aloud and paying attention to your emotions, you can reprogram your brain to reduce your anxiety. It takes just five minutes to learn, but the results will change your life.
  4. Dry brushing drives relaxation. Parents with autistic children have done “brushing therapy,” as a therapy protocol for a long time, but the rest of the world is finally catching on to the anxiety reducing benefits of dry brushing. In addition to relaxing you, it has the added benefits of improving your lymphatic system, reducing cellulite, improving your digestion and circulation, toning your muscles, and in some cases, people have reported weight loss from regular practice.
  5. Cut the clutter. Clutter has been proven to contribute to stress, and not just because you can’t easily locate those important permission slips your child needs autographed at a moment’s notice. It’s an energy vampire. Experts recommend you spend 15 minutes three times a day doing a quick sweep. One of the best sites for advice on reducing clutter is FlyLady.net.


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