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How Does Roscoe Brown Ensure You Have a Healthy Home?

Just as cars and computers have stringent checklists and metrics as to how the internal mechanics should perform, Roscoe Brown applies their own safety checklists to your home. There are two areas Roscoe Brown technicians focus on when they are ensuring the health of your home environment – your indoor air quality, and your water quality. In today’s blog, we’re going to explain how Roscoe Brown ensures your family is experiencing safe air and water.


First, let’s explore your air quality. Certain rooms in your home are more likely to produce certain indoor air pollutants. Roscoe Brown can provide you with an indoor air quality test to ensure you’re breathing in safe air. In every room of your home, there are the “usual suspects,” throwing off your air quality. Here are a few examples:


  • Kitchen: Bacteria, cooking pollutants, lingering cooking odors


  • Living Room: Pet hair and dander, allergens, dust and dust mites and fireplace particulates


  • Basement: Musty odors, carbon monoxide, solvents, dust and dust mites, paints, chemicals or household cleaners


  • Home Office: Ozone and volatile organic compounds from printers and photocopiers; harmful vapors, volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde from melamine furniture, dust and dust mites from carpeting and viruses and bacteria


  • Bathroom: Mold spores from humidity, ozone from aerosols and cleaning sprays, cleaning solvents, ammonias and bleaches, viruses and bacteria


  • Attic: Asbestos, insulation, fiberglass, dust and dust mites


  • Bedroom: Allergens, dust and dust mites, pet hair and dander, carbon dioxide


  • Garage: Carbon monoxide, gas, pesticides and herbicides, cleaning solvents, chemicals and paints, dust


But fear not — Roscoe Brown provides “air scrubbing” products to remove these nasty airborne contaminants and particles from your household air. Roscoe Brown technicians can install a UV light device that utilizes advanced oxidation technologies to produce Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides™ or a device that introduces cold plasma into the central A/C ductwork; both are highly effective in sanitizing the air and effectively killing germs and viruses.

As for improving the water in your home, a water softener is often the solution, if you are living with hard water. Water softeners result in a 75% reduction in soaps and shampoos, while also making your glass and silverware shinier.


Even if you’re not living with hard water, there is never a down side to improving your water quality with a water filtration system. Water tables can leach heavy metals from golf courses and farms, prescription drugs from municipal water and more into the water you’re drinking every day. Exposure to these chemicals can impact your health, but Roscoe Brown technicians are happy to test your water and identify the best solution for your household.


For your healthy home, from the H2O you drink to the O2 you breathe, call 1-888-MYROSCOE.