Scale’s Elementary Invention Contest & Career Day

Summer in Tennessee is hot. With temperatures nearing 100°F, how can we possibly stay cool?

Roscoe Brown has a few solutions, but we enlisted the help of the 5th graders at Scales Elementary to come up with some inventive ways to keep cool this summer.

To get the students ready to create, Jaime, Tony, and Dana attended Career Day at Scales. They talked to students about all the different things we do at Roscoe Brown, from using heat detection technology, getting toothbrushes out of toilet drains, static pressure gauges, and using geometry to install pipes.

Feeling inspired, 24 students submitted hand-drawn inventions to our team. The students at Scales were full of creative inventions to make the summer days more bearable,. To check out some of the inventions, including Selfie-Spray, a PopSocket Fan, and a new outfit that is fashionable and cool, head over to Roscoe Brown’s Facebook Page.