Raising the Bar on Your Energy Savings with Carrier® Greenspeed

Your home’s HVAC system keeps your family cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter. However, less efficient older units sometimes don’t operate as well as newer models do. Older HVAC systems may produce dramatic temperature swings or have inaccurate settings that end up wasting a great deal of electricity.

Carrier® systems with Greenspeed Intelligence are different. Specifically designed to maximize efficiency and save you money, these HVAC systems represent a tremendous leap forward in green technology for the home. A system enhanced with Greenspeed Intelligence warms your home with just the right amount of heat and cools with precision, resulting in even temperatures in every room throughout the year. That means less waste, which is better for the environment and for your electricity bill.

Various innovations make Carrier® HVAC systems with Greenspeed Intelligence unlike other heat pumps and HVAC systems on the market.   Carrier’s® use of the environmentally friendly refrigerant Puron helps solidify their unique position in the market. Puron does not deplete the ozone layer and does not contaminate the environment. It supports the efficient operation of the HVAC unit and has been proven to be more reliable when compared with other refrigerants.

A refrigerant that is efficient and Earth friendly is just the beginning of the innovations that go into Carrier® systems with Greenspeed Intelligence. Systems that feature Greenspeed have been rated with a maximum of 13 HSPF. This Heating Seasonal Performance Factor rating is the highest available on the market today and translates to the most efficient method of heating your home. But these systems are also ideal for providing cooling. Your HVAC system converts electricity into cooling for your home. A SEER rating of 20 makes these systems outstanding performers and the most efficient available. 

The best way to manage the comfort of your home is by using the right control with your HVAC system. Carrier® has developed an outstanding model known as the Infinity Control that can be used on HVAC systems with Greenspeed Intelligence. The Infinity puts you in control with an easy to understand interface and maximum flexibility. It effectively puts the ability to manage your home’s comfort at the tips of your fingers. With this control system you can program your HVAC system to operate at certain times and under specific conditions. It allows you to control the humidity within your home and provides you with the power to precisely heat and cool every room.

One of the most attractive features of these Carrier® systems is how quietly they operate. Your family can sleep peacefully at night undisturbed by any HVAC noise. The Infinity Series Heat Pump equipped with Greenspeed Intelligence operates at a lower capacity and as a result produces less noise. Some homeowners never even notice when their system turns on.

Tennessee enjoys four distinct seasons and a Carrier® Greenspeed HVAC system can help regulate the comfort of your home during each one. It also takes the surprise out of your electricity bills by providing predictable heating and cooling no matter how the weather changes.   


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