Middle Tennessee Allergy Hacks: 5 Tips

That sugar cookie-scented candle wafting a heavenly aroma throughout your home is mouth wateringly transcendent, but if you could see how its invisible particulates are polluting your indoor air quality, you might think twice.  Yes, eliminating scented candles and plug-ins is just one of many strategies for improving the lives of the allergy sufferers in […]

Hiring Heroes: Brian Byrd

Brian Byrd, CFO at Roscoe Brown and Army veteran, didn’t always dream of financial reports and crunching numbers. From a young age, he dreamed of sailing off into the clear blue sky and serving our country, and that’s just what he did. “We always wanted to fly. My uncle flew with the National Guard and […]

Where’s the beef? 3 Middle Tennessee Burger Musts

  National burger day is coming up and we’re celebrating by sharing our favorite places to get a good burger in Middle Tennessee. The Boulevard Murfreesboro, Tennessee                     Image via Yellow Bot If you’re trying to watch MLB, MLA, PGA, or NHL (RIP Preds Stanley Cup […]

Is a Smart Home A Smart Choice for You?

With smart home device sales trending at 67% growth over the next five years,1 it’s time to glance up from that iPad for a moment and see what’s happening around you. First of all, what is a smart home? A “smart home” is defined as a home equipped with specially structured wiring, enabling the homeowner […]

Air Conditioning Tune-Up Checklist: What to Expect From Your Spring Appointment

The best way to prevent air conditioner malfunctions, and keep your A/C running smoothly and reliably, is through an annual air conditioner tune-up. An efficient cooling system costs less money to run, and you’ll rest easier knowing your air conditioner will work when you need it most. Our air conditioning tune-up checklist is as thorough […]

The D-I-Y Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She Will Forever Treasure

From the dyed macaroni noodle necklaces to the crudely decoupaged cardboard treasure boxes, Middle Tennessee mothers all have a hard time parting with these precious, handmade Mother’s Day treasures. They’re often found adorning—and collecting dust—atop bedroom dressers long after the kids have gone on to college. (Yes, we can’t help but notice them when we’re […]

MTSU Graduate Joins Roscoe Brown

Brandi Crowell has joined Roscoe Brown, Inc. as Controller in the Murfreesboro office. Crowell graduated from MTSU with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2009 and an MBA in 2011. She is a former member of the MTSU Basketball team, the Lady Raiders, graduate of Leadership Rutherford, Junior Leaguer, and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. […]

Warm Weather Worries: What You Need to Know NOW About Freon

For the past decade, the EPA has been trying to protect our ozone layer by phasing out R-22 refrigerant, or what we generically refer to as “Freon,” that magical liquid making our air conditioners run seamlessly, helping us avoid that icky phenomenon known as “flop sweat.” Freon is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HFC), made of chlorine, fluorine, […]

Money-Saving Home Improvements through Energy Efficiency

Increased energy costs are taking a toll on the nation, but also in homes. At Roscoe Brown, we sympathize with our fellow Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, McMinnville and Nashville Tennessee homeowners; which is why we’re committed to educating our clients on alternative ways of cutting costs. The average American household spends $1,400 a year on energy bills, […]

Celebrating Our She-roes: Meet Roxanne Raney

Women’s history month is this month, and here at Roscoe Brown we’re surrounded by strong, independent women who help keep our boat afloat. From Roscoe’s wife Mae Brown to Jaime Craig to Beth Brown, the women in our office truly empower our entire staff. One of those women is Roxanne Raney. Before joining Roscoe Brown’s […]