Summer Fun

With August right around the corner that means there are only a few weeks left of Summer before the kids head back to school. You may be tired of hearing the words, “I’m bored” come out of your kids’ mouths. But we complied this list to inspire you to kick those Summertime blues and have […]

The Home Maintenance Top 10 List: Summer Edition

The Home Maintenance Top 10 List: Summer Edition The curb appeal of your home goes so far beyond what someone sees as they drive past at (hopefully) 15 miles per hour. Perhaps they notice the sparkling gleam to your windows, or the well-manicured lawn, mowed in that diagonal pattern that tends to be the envy […]

Foodies: Red, White and Blue Ideas

Between the job, family, home care, and social obligations, you may be running around like a one-armed paper hanger with itchy mosquito bites, having little time to dream up creative tri-colored food ideas for the Fourth. Roscoe Brown to the rescue! Here are five fun food ideas to firmly establish your moniker as the “hostess […]

Take Your Dog to Work Day

National take your dog to work day is coming up on Friday, June 24th and boy are we excited! This event first was held in 1999 and has been going strong ever since and we can see why. Between the wagging tails, wet noses, and sloppy kisses getting all your work done by the end […]

Hangry? Here are Three Fast, Easy, Low-Cal Summer Salads to Take the Edge Off

The pool, lake, or hot tub is calling you, but you’re “hangry.” You know–that state of irritation when you’ve been too busy to eat, and all of the sudden it hits. You’re so hungry, you can’t see straight.  So what’s a busy, hangry person to do? Roscoe Brown to the rescue! These fast, low-cal salads […]

Middle Tennessee Allergy Hacks: 5 Tips

That sugar cookie-scented candle wafting a heavenly aroma throughout your home is mouth wateringly transcendent, but if you could see how its invisible particulates are polluting your indoor air quality, you might think twice.  Yes, eliminating scented candles and plug-ins is just one of many strategies for improving the lives of the allergy sufferers in […]

Hiring Heroes: Brian Byrd

Brian Byrd, CFO at Roscoe Brown and Army veteran, didn’t always dream of financial reports and crunching numbers. From a young age, he dreamed of sailing off into the clear blue sky and serving our country, and that’s just what he did. “We always wanted to fly. My uncle flew with the National Guard and […]

Where’s the beef? 3 Middle Tennessee Burger Musts

  National burger day is coming up and we’re celebrating by sharing our favorite places to get a good burger in Middle Tennessee. The Boulevard Murfreesboro, Tennessee                     Image via Yellow Bot If you’re trying to watch MLB, MLA, PGA, or NHL (RIP Preds Stanley Cup […]

Is a Smart Home A Smart Choice for You?

With smart home device sales trending at 67% growth over the next five years,1 it’s time to glance up from that iPad for a moment and see what’s happening around you. First of all, what is a smart home? A “smart home” is defined as a home equipped with specially structured wiring, enabling the homeowner […]

Air Conditioning Tune-Up Checklist: What to Expect From Your Spring Appointment

The best way to prevent air conditioner malfunctions, and keep your A/C running smoothly and reliably, is through an annual air conditioner tune-up. An efficient cooling system costs less money to run, and you’ll rest easier knowing your air conditioner will work when you need it most. Our air conditioning tune-up checklist is as thorough […]