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Your Leaky Faucet is Money Down the Drain.

There is nothing quite as irksome to homeowners as a leaky faucet. Maybe it’s the sneaking feeling that, even when you not looking, it’s leaking. It’s leaking when you’re at work, out to dinner, at a movie and yes, even while you’re sleeping. It’s leaking. That unrelenting leak is wasting a lot of water and […]

Hacks for Your 2017 Spring Home Maintenance

Although each season brings with it a list of home maintenance “To-Do’s”, spring is considered by many to be the most daunting. After a winter that may have brought with it several freezes and thaws, there are some key places to check for potential ice and water damage. Spotting these signs early can mean the […]

Take Heart: Four Fun Valentine’s Day Treats

As you envision your middle Tennessee Valentine’s Day dinner, the lights are dimmed down, the candles are lit, Johnny Mathis is crooning on your Alexa, love is in the air and…uh-oh…there’s no food displayed atop the red and white checkered tablecloth (insert needle-scratch-across-the-record sound effects here). Are you tapped out on ideas for creating a […]

Eschew the Flu: Your Guide to Good Health in 2017

You can’t help but imagine every TV ad with a CGI-generated, gravelly voiced germ whenever you visualize cold and flu season. A new wave of the flu has just started propagating its nastiness throughout the school systems in Tennessee. Parents everywhere are scrambling to build their family members’ immune systems. To that end, Roscoe Brown […]

Michael Sliger: The Navy Man Behind the Maintenance

The U.S. Navy is the largest, most capable navy in the world. With the highest combined battle fleet tonnage, the world’s largest aircraft carrier fleet, 328,186 personnel on active duty and 110,882 in the Navy Reserve, the Navy is an efficient well-oiled machine is an understatement. It also produces some of the greatest women and […]

Soup for the Soul: Keep Warm This Year

The new year is here, January has arrived. Other than being your fresh start with new resolutions, January is also National Soup Month! And what better way to celebrate than by sharing our favorite soup recipes to help you keep your new year’s resolutions? Bold Soups for the New Risk Taker: Trying to be more […]

For Your Comfort at Home: Carrier’s New “Smart” Gas Furnace

It seems everything is “smart” these days, from robotic vacuum cleaners to egg trays that remind you of the precise date when your eggs expire–no exaggeration–but there are smart systems out there that actually make good sense – those having the greatest impact on our wallets. As you read in our earlier blog on programmable […]

Best Part of the Holidays? Dessert.

The best part of the holidays may be the family gathered round in cozy sweaters, or maybe it’s hot coco and a cozy blanket, or maybe it’s Christmas movies and all the good feelings that come when Rudolph gets to use his talents or Clarence gets his wings. All those things are great and wonderful, […]