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Michael Sliger: The Navy Man Behind the Maintenance

The U.S. Navy is the largest, most capable navy in the world. With the highest combined battle fleet tonnage, the world’s largest aircraft carrier fleet, 328,186 personnel on active duty and 110,882 in the Navy Reserve, the Navy is an efficient well-oiled machine is an understatement. It also produces some of the greatest women and […]

Soup for the Soul: Keep Warm This Year

The new year is here, January has arrived. Other than being your fresh start with new resolutions, January is also National Soup Month! And what better way to celebrate than by sharing our favorite soup recipes to help you keep your new year’s resolutions? Bold Soups for the New Risk Taker: Trying to be more […]

For Your Comfort at Home: Carrier’s New “Smart” Gas Furnace

It seems everything is “smart” these days, from robotic vacuum cleaners to egg trays that remind you of the precise date when your eggs expire–no exaggeration–but there are smart systems out there that actually make good sense – those having the greatest impact on our wallets. As you read in our earlier blog on programmable […]

Best Part of the Holidays? Dessert.

The best part of the holidays may be the family gathered round in cozy sweaters, or maybe it’s hot coco and a cozy blanket, or maybe it’s Christmas movies and all the good feelings that come when Rudolph gets to use his talents or Clarence gets his wings. All those things are great and wonderful, […]

Carrier® Air Purifier Germicidal Capability

Carrier products do can do much more than make your house the perfect temperature. Carrier provides products that make them the experts in home comfort, and that’s why Roscoe Brown is proud to be a dealer for Carrier products. One of Carrier’s premier products are the air purifiers. Carrier air purifiers deliver industry-leading, state-of-the-art technology […]

Leftovers Made New

Another Turkey Day has come and gone. The football games have been watched, the full belly naps all taken, and the family laughs enjoyed. Now you’re left with a wanting for Christmas and a fridge full of leftovers. We can’t make Christmas get here any sooner, but we can help you consolidate those leftovers into […]

Turkey Day Disasters: Call Roscoe Brown

  We get it. Things always go wrong at the worst times. Like when it’s the day of your big job interview and the car doesn’t start, or you’re leaving the body shop when someone swings their door open a little too wide in the Kroger parking lot putting a huge, shiny dent in the […]

Your November Money Saving Tip: Is Your HVAC System Is a High-Efficiency Unit?

  Do you ever get those notices in the mail from your energy company, comparing your usage to your neighbors, only to find you’re the neighborhood over-achiever (and not in a good way)? You’re, shall we say in Garrison Keillor terms, “well above average”? If you haven’t gotten one of those notices, you’re lucky. This […]