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Fire Department Advising Tennessee Residents to Heat Home Safely this Winter

With the weather in the greater Nashville area turning colder and many residents turning on their heating sources, fire department officials are asking the public to properly inspect their systems. Winter months are a main time for home fires to start. Safety experts are reminding residents to have their wood stoves, chimneys and furnaces inspected […]

Proper Furnace Maintenance

Forecasters are predicting a colder-than-normal winter in Tennessee. Homeowners should begin to prepare for the colder temperatures before the first major cold front by searching for a HVAC service professional to ensure the proper maintenance of your home heating systems. Residents can realize major cost savings by both maintaining the efficiency of their furnace system […]

The Optimal Thermostat Setting for Energy Cost Savings

One challenge home owners have to deal with is managing comfort with their electrical power usage. Keeping your heating and cooling equipment operating is costly, so making the most of its performance is critical. Some people simply put up with the cold (as well as high temperatures in the summer season), some reduce the actual […]

Commercial AC Repair and Maintenance: Top 3 Tips to Save Money

TIP 1:   Regular Maintenance Air conditioning equipment requires regular maintenance to maximize the unit’s performance and efficiency. When the unit is examined at regular intervals, minor problems can be detected and adjusted to prevent expensive major mechanical failures and a costly commercial AC repair. The life expectancy of the entire system will be preserved through […]

When To Replace The Insulation In Your Home

Knowing when to replace the insulation in your home can make an amazing difference in your heating and cooling bills. If you are paying hundreds of dollars each month just to keep your home comfortable, we can help. At Roscoe Brown Heating and Cooling, we offer a variety of solutions to your high energy bills, […]

Raising the Bar on Your Energy Savings with Carrier® Greenspeed

Your home’s HVAC system keeps your family cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter. However, less efficient older units sometimes don’t operate as well as newer models do. Older HVAC systems may produce dramatic temperature swings or have inaccurate settings that end up wasting a great deal of electricity. Carrier® systems with […]

How To Deal with Dry Winter Air in Your Home During The Winter

Dry air can be a big problem during the colder months of the year, especially for those that have experienced the frigid winters that are prevalent here in the Middle Tennessee cities of Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Tullahoma.  But just because the weather turns dry and cold outside, doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable […]

Roscoe Brown Celebrates 10 Years in Tullahoma

At a time when many businesses are struggling just to keep their doors open, one local establishment is celebrating a milestone. Ten years ago this month, Murfreesborobased Roscoe Brown expanded its heating and cooling business to Tullahoma, where it has been proudly serving the community ever since. “We can attribute our growth to word of […]

The Benefits Of Tankless Hot Water Heaters

If your hot water heater is an older tank model, you could save both money and space in your home by investing in a tankless hot water heater from Roscoe Brown Heating, Cooling & Insulation. Our company serves homeowners and commercial properties in Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, Nashville and the surrounding areas. You will notice a difference […]