The Secret Life of Coconut Oil: 10 Ways to Use it Every Day

For most people, coconut oil is this buzzword magical cure all product you MUST have in your pantry. Typical, these fads are just that, fads with no substance. But there’s more to this sweet smelling product than meets the eye. We’ve collected some of our favorite uses for this summer time smelling oil that you can easily implement at home.  Below are ten unusual household uses for coconut oil that help it get off your shelf:

1. Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is a great natural alternative for makeup remover. All you have to do is grab a cotton ball, get a little bit of coconut oil on it, and dab away your excess makeup. Just make sure to give your face a good wash afterwards.

2. Teeth Whitener

Using coconut oil to whiten your teeth is the best natural way to go about getting that shiny, white smile you’ve always wanted. Swishing it in your mouth for about 7-10 minutes before you brush your teeth is all you need to do and if you stick to it, you’ll see the difference in your smile within a few weeks.

3. Energy Supplement

 One scoop of coconut oil can make all the difference at the beginning of your day. Just add a teaspoon of it to your oatmeal, coffee, or morning smoothie for a kick of energy. For those of you that don’t want to mix it into your food or drinks, don’t worry, you can also eat a teaspoon of it by itself.

4. Removing Sticky Labels

We all know the struggle of removing those excessively sticky labels off your latest purchase. To make your life a bit easier, just rub some coconut oil on your product to help it peel off without leaving behind patches of sticky mess. We suggest only using this method on glass or plastic products. On other materials, coconut oil may leave an oily residue.

5. Soothes Rashes, Bug Bites, Burns

Coconut oil just so happens to be an anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve upset skin. We recommend storing a small container of it in your refrigerator and rubbing it in on your skin the next time you get a burn or bug bite.

6. Shining Stainless Steel

Are your stainless-steel appliances looking a little dull? Give them a little shine by rubbing on some coconut oil. All you have to do is clean the surface, apply a small amount of coconut oil, then use long strokes to buff the oil in.

7. Oil Alternative

Frying your food isn’t exactly the healthiest thing in the world, but you can make it a bit healthier for yourself by using coconut oil. Using coconut oil as your cooking oil reaps the same benefits as using olive oil would, plus it gives you a nice taste. We highly suggest coconut oil fried chicken!

8. Shaving Lotion

Its anti-inflammatory properties and smoothing qualities make coconut oil a great shaving lotion. It’s ability to moisturize your skin and treat rashes make it ideal for keeping your skin smooth and non-irritated when you’re whisking away those hairs. Using coconut oil as your shaving lotion also helps with lower the possibility of ingrown hairs.

9. Remove Crayon from Walls

Did your kids go Van Gogh on the walls again? Well, all you have to do is put some coconut oil on a rag and scrub the crayon clean off the wall. By the time you’re done, it’ll look like it never happened. We do suggest you spot test the coconut oil in a small, discreet spot on your wall to ensure the oil doesn’t stain.

10. Remove Gum from Hair

Instead of pulling out the scissors the next time you get gum stuck in your hair, just use coconut oil to get it out. Coconut oil just so happens to be a natural detangler. To get the gum out just put  a small amount of coconut oil on the and rub it in. Eventually you’ll be able to pull it out with ease, and you won’t have to get bangs because of the hubba bubba!

We have to agree with the bandwagon, coconut oil is a magical cure all. So pull that coconut oil off your shelf, or get some to put on your shelf. That way after that summer camping trip with sunburn and bug bites, gum in your hair, and unshaved beards you’ll have the magical cure all right at home!