Take Heart: Four Fun Valentine’s Day Treats

As you envision your middle Tennessee Valentine’s Day dinner, the lights are dimmed down, the candles are lit, Johnny Mathis is crooning on your Alexa, love is in the air and…uh-oh…there’s no food displayed atop the red and white checkered tablecloth (insert needle-scratch-across-the-record sound effects here).

Are you tapped out on ideas for creating a festive Valentine’s Day for your loved ones? Here are four fun ideas to get you thinking beyond the old standards of chocolates and red roses.

In the lunch box: Channel your inner Beverly Goldberg! Cut your PBJ’s into heart-shaped sandwiches to remind your kids—or as Bevvy references them, your “delicious little schmoopsters”–that their mother’s love is never further away than the lunch bag in their locker.

After-school snack time: Pillsbury piecrust is amazingly versatile. Make heart-shaped cut-outs, fill them with either sweet (cherry pie filling or apple pie filling) to create heart-shaped homemade Pop-Tarts, or savory (cheese, sausage and tomato sauce) options to create homemade pizza treats. Emboss the edging with a fork to create that vertical line pattern that also serves as a seal, and you’ve created clever, bite-sized hors d’oeuvres. Bake them until brown, and serve them piping hot.

The Main Course: Heart-shaped pizza crusts are easy enough to make. Top your generous mozzarella cheese covering with plenty of sun-dried tomatoes or red pepper pieces to give it that signature Valentine’s Day color scheme.

Dessert: Don’t have a heart-shaped baking pan? No problema! If you have a 12” square cake pan and a 12” round cake pan, you’re golden. (This is what the world did before Wilton cake pans came on the scene!) Simply take your baked square-shaped cake and place it diagonally on your plate as a diamond shape. Take your round-shaped cake and cut it in half, and place the half-circles on the top of your diamond, frost it all together, and you’ll have the perfect heart-shaped cake to satisfy your loved ones after a great Valentine’s Day meal.

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