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World Toilet Day: Top 4 #ToiletTuesdays of the Year

We know what you’re thinking. World Toilet Day is a real day, we promise. In fact, the United Nations officially designated November 19th as World Toilet Day back in 2013. At first glance, you might think this day is about praising the toilet for being your own personal throne of relaxation that you visit a […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Fatigue? Here’s Three Tasty Alternatives

Ahh, traditions…the fireplace is crackling, the flat screen is broadcasting Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and you breathe in the wonderful aromas emanating from the kitchen. Mmmmm…Beef Wellington?!? (Cue up the loud needle-scratching-the- record sound effect). Not everyone loves turkey on Thanksgiving. While some families supplement the turkey with a honey-baked ham or enough side dishes […]

Signs It’s Time to Reinsulate Your Home

Once we share this “tell,” you’ll never look at a snow-covered roof the same way again. If you’re wondering if your home needs reinsulating, check out your roof on a wintry day. If you have the one roof in the neighborhood with all of its snow melted off, your home’s heat is the escape artist […]

Employee Feature: Bart Ring

Today we’d like to introduce you to one of the newest members of our team, Bart Ring. Bart joins our team as part of a partnership between Ring Plumbing and Roscoe Brown. At the ripe age of 12 and a few days Bart Ring picked up his father’s tools and started learning the trade of […]

What You Need to Know Before Winter About Emergency Heat

If there’s one takeaway from today’s blog, it’s “Think before you flick.” In other words, don’t flick on the emergency heat switch on your thermostat until your house is so cold, you can almost see your own breath. The average life span of a heating or air conditioning unit is 12-14 years, so if your […]

Employee Feature: Will Brown

We would like to introduce you to Will Brown, the great grandson of Roscoe Brown. He has been around the office since he was just a baby, but now he’s grown up on us and is working part-time while learning the ropes of the family business. Will is a graduate of Middle Tennessee Christian School […]

The Secret Life of Pumpkins: 6 Uses You Didn’t Think About

For most of us, pumpkins are the Halloween decorations that sit on our front porch every year for everyone to see, but there’s more uses for these winter squash than you might think. In fact, if you thought the only awesome thing they did was act as a canvas for your annual attempt at being […]

Employee Feature: CJ Bragg

Say hello to our first ever Employee Feature, CJ Bragg! CJ is a service department helper and has been working at Roscoe Brown for seven months. He is working hard and quickly learning the ins and outs of his job. Here’s some pictures of him in action: In this photo, he is reading an electrical […]

Japanese Toilets –Their Features Will Amaze You

If you’ve ever traveled to Japan, you probably identified their obsession with toileting culture. There’s even a chain of restaurants in Japan – called The Modern Toilet Restaurant, no less — that uses actual toilets for their seating, gathered around a bathtub as the table. However, once you’ve experienced the futuristic Japanese toilet for yourself, […]

The Secret Life of Dryer Sheets: 9 Best Uses Other Than Laundry

We’ve all got a box (or two) of those little papery smell-good sheets. But did you know they’re good for more than just making your clothes smell delightful after you pull them out of the dryer? Check out these practical and handy uses for dryer sheets, new or used! Fight static in your hair Winter […]